Friday, August 15, 2008

The Abhi-Now Story!

By Gopinath Mavinkurve

Newspapers and TV Report don’t seem to stop talking about the latest sporting sensation that has won the hearts of all Indians. He deserves the limelight and the celebrations are understandable. After all, we have waited so long, that we did not even remember we were waiting when it happened!

Suddenly it was raining money for the calm and composed Abhinav Bindra from all state governments and corporates! He certainly deserves it. It is only hoped that this kind of money would pour for building facilities for aspiring sports persons so that he need not turn to his parents for building world-class facilities in his backyard!

Abhinav’s own blog tells the story behind his success.

A few extracts to note are reproduced below:-

“In fact, I do not have a life beyond the confines of the 10m range. I have had a range built in my own home to cut down any possibility of distraction and to be able to practise my sport whenever the fancy strikes me. It all did pay off, didn't it?”

“I would like to reiterate that everyone who represents India at the Olympic Games has put in years of toil and sweat. I ask the Indian people to support our athletes more. It is fine to celebrate our achievements but it is just as important to keep up the backing when we are not on top of our game.

How apt! The same very people who celebrate today would whip up a sporting star if he fails to match his fans' expectations! Did you notice how the media quickly labelled Roger Federer "Federror"?

“The joy that the nation feels at my win is humbling. I just wish that this is repeated more and more often.With our depth of talent and expanse of people I firmly believe India can be a world-class sporting power. What we need are precise systems. I will try to do my bit at grooming the next generation. I would like to appeal to each Indian to also do their bit in prodding us out of sporting complacency.

Read the Indian Express article, By Harcharan Singh, titled "A Lost Opportunity". How we fail to nurture rising stars struggling to follow their dreams and only wake up after the star begins to shine bright, albeit without our love and care.

Abhinav’s story is of dedication, passion, commitment and hard work. And we are celebrating his success! There are many more stories we have yet to learn about - of passion, commitment and dedicated service in all walks of life. Lost in the crowd. Not even looking for a gesture of thankfulness from society – let alone wanting to be in the limelight.

My new blog “Small Steps Along The Way” will attempt to post stories of dedicated, committed and passionate citizen and their work in their chosen fields – not restricted to sports. The blog will report good news, positive developments and appreciate the efforts behind such ventures. I will also invite fellow bloggers to share inspirational stories in their region which i will feature in my blog.

Abhinav Bindra’s achievement, among other encouraging developments prompted me to take my first step on this path. Just like the Gold Medal was the first

“When should I begin?”, I asked my self.
Abhi, Now!” was the obvious answer!


Mavin said...

You are coming across as a versatile writer who is comfortable across different genres.

Wish you all the best and I eagerly await to read your thoughts.

Gopinath's "Artickles" said...

Thanks, Anil. I hope I could do justice to all my ventures over a period of time.

Prayukth said...

Hi there,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I have bookmarked your site and would look forward to some inspiring pieces from you.

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Maya said...

Nice writing skills. Public figures certainly get lot of love when they succeed so they should be ready to face the heat when they fail, thats how it is and will always be..